No 644 “En mi opinión” Abril 23, 2014

No 644    “En mi opinión”    Abril 23, 2014Image

“IN GOD WE TRUST” Lázaro R González Miño Editor


Trial That Could Expose Obama As Kenyan Postponed Until After Midterms

WorldNetDaily was reportedly the only media outlet present during the hearing despite – or perhaps because of – the fact that this case could blow the lid off of Obama’s much-disputed birth story.



In a groundbreaking development that has been ignored by virtually all other media outlets, WorldNetDaily published a bombshell report that could tear apart Barack Obama’s carefully crafted backstory.

Despite attempts to marginalize so-called “birthers,” millions of Americans remain unconvinced that Obama was truly born in Hawaii as the administration claimed.

That doubt is not confined to the U.S., however, and one British man is doing his best to disseminate what he believes are the facts regarding Obama’s true origins. Jerome R. Corsi detailed the current legal battle London lawyer Michael Shrimpton currently finds himself in – and how it could ultimately lead to the revelation that Obama was born in Kenya. reports Shrimpton was in court recently for a hearing regarding charges that he sent a baseless warning to the British government about a 2012 terrorist attack that never occurred. According to the article, he claimed German agents smuggled a nuclear weapon from a Russian submarine that sank in the Barents Sea 12 years earlier.

He claims, however, that intelligence information being withheld would result in his acquittal upon being released to the court.

WorldNetDaily was reportedly the only media outlet present during the hearing despite – or perhaps because of – the fact that this case could blow the lid off of Obama’s much-disputed birth story.

In a surprise move, however, the trial was postponed until November. This would mean that any potential damaging testimony against Obama would not surface until after the midterm elections.

As Corsi reports, Shrimpton first presented allegations that Obama was born in Kenya, and to a woman other than Stanley Ann Dunham, during the 2008 election cycle. In a video made during that period, he laid out a string of charges supporting his position – including the accusation that Dunham was not pregnant the month before Obama’s ostensible birth.

Conceding he is no doctor, Shrimpton said he believes medical professionals would agree that “if a lady’s giving birth in August, we like to see her pregnant in July.”

He also contends that a clandestine CIA investigation failed to find a match between Obama’s DNA and that of his supposed maternal grandparent. According to his narrative, Obama was actually born in 1960 to one of his father’s mistresses in Mombasa, Kenya.

Evidence exposing this cover-up, he concluded, would be in the possession of British intelligence, since Kenya did not achieve independence until 1963.

These and other claims are expected to resurface during Shrimpton’s upcoming trial, WND reports. While it appears they will not be investigated prior to the midterms, this case is one worth watching closely as it has the potential of forever changing American history.

Corsi and WND are planning to publish at least two additional reports related to this developing story.


‘Cattle Battle’ Continues: State Leaders from Nine Different States Join Forces to Fight Federal Land Grabs


The “cattle battle” between Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy and the Bureau of Land Management may be over – for now. But it appears that the battle between Western states and the federal government over who should own the land in those states is just beginning.

As reported by The Salt Lake Tribune, more than 50 political leaders fromnine states met for the first time on Friday to talk about their joint goal: wresting control of oil-, timber -and mineral-rich lands away from the feds.

“It’s simply time,” said Rep. Ken Ivory, R-West Jordan, who organized the Legislative Summit on the Transfer for Public Lands along with Montana state Sen. Jennifer Fielder. “The urgency is now.”

The “Legislative Summit on the Transfer for Public Lands” – which was attended by lawmakers from Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Montana, Oregon, Utah and Washington – was already scheduled before the tense standoff between Bundy and the BLM over cattle grazing on federal land gained national attention.

READ MORE HERE.


The Government vs. the American Character


Over the past 50 years, the purpose of the American government has radically transformed. Whereas it’s main goal in domestic matters used to be to protect liberty, it is now an entitlements machine, transferring over $2 trillion per year from some people’s pockets to others. Nicholas Eberstadt of the American Enterprise Institute explains how the explosions in social security, medicare, medicaid, and other welfare programs are changing the American character for the worse–from one that is focused on individual responsibility and giving, to one that is focused on grabbing as much of the pie as possible.

More at PragerUniversity.comRead the rest of this article here:



AMENPER: La Solución a la Desigualdad en la Humanidad

La desigualdad entre los seres humanos es algo injusto y cruel para el que está en el estrato inferior de esa desigualdad. 

Es fastidioso sentirse pobre cuando hay otros que son ricos, sentirse feo cuando hay tantos que son bien parecidos, tener un cuerpo gordo y adiposo cuando hay tantos con cuerpos bien formados, sentirse flacos cuando hay tantos musculosos, sentirse bruto cuando hay tantos inteligentes.

Este es un punto que los agnósticos nos presentan a los que creemos en Dios para demostrarnos que estamos equivocados en nuestra creencia, porque según ellos no es posible que haya tanta desigualdad cuando según nosotros, Dios creó al hombre a su imagen y semejanza, a todos iguales. 

Pero Dios hizo al hombre a su imagen y semejanza, lo hizo trino como Él, con cuerpo, alma y espíritu, pero también lo hizo con su otro atributo que es el libre albedrío.  Y como dijo el gran sabio Confucio, “ahí está el detalle”……  bueno, creo que no fue Confucio el que dijo esto, fue Cantinflas, pero de todas maneras viene bien.

 Lo que hacemos con la libertad que nos dio Dios es lo que crea la desigualdad, y también es lo que puede controlar la desigualdad. No filosofías creadas por los que no tienen nada mejor que hacer, como  el socialismo oi el capitalismo, que son las maneras que el hombre ha inventado para tratar de implementar una justicia individual utópica.  

La justicia individual nace de cómo el individuo hace uso de su libertad y de los recursos que le ofrece la sociedad.

En el principio el hombre comenzó a usar sus habilidades individuales para sobrevivir. Unos fueron cazadores, otros se dedicaron a la agricultura.  Una mujer descubrió que la carne con papas era un plato exquisito, y convenció a su marido cazador que intercambiara parte de la carne con las papas de los agricultores, y nació el libre mercado, algo natural que duró por muchos años.

Según dicen tablas de piedras que se han encontrado de aquella época, hubo una mutación que produjo el “Homo-Socialistus”, que trató de convencer a los cazadores y los agricultores que le dieran el fruto de su trabajo para él repartirlo igualitariamente entre todos.  En aquella época el “”Homo-Socialistus” fue expulsado del campamento a palos y tomatazos por los cazadores y agricultores y según otras traducciones fue ejecutado por un  método moderno que le llamaban hoguera que era a base del nuevo descubrimiento del fuego.

En un país de economía de mercado, los flacos pueden hacer dietas especiales, inscribirse en gimnasios con entrenadores que le pueden producir un cuerpo como el que quiere tener, los gordos pueden ir a los Weight Watchers o comprar la comida de Nutri-System y bajar de peso, los feos y feas tienen a los nuevos dermatólogos que se han convertidos en cirujanos plásticos que hacen de su cara y cuerpo una escultura griega, y con determinación, trabajo y poniendo a trabajar la masa encefálica que Dios nos dio, bajo la básica economía de mercado que se implantó desde la época de las cavernas, podemos aumentar nuestros ingresos para emparejarnos con los más prósperos.

En la economía del “Homo-Socialistus” esto es más difícil, prácticamente imposible, los gimnasios son para los deportistas dotados no para el hombre común, los feos no tienen donde hacerse la cirugía plástica para igualarse, los flacos no tienen como hacer una dieta proteínica o carbohidratica, y los pobres tienen que conformarse con la igualdad de la miseria. Los únicos que se benefician son los gordos que no tienen problema para hacer dieta porque no hay comida, y los gordos de la cúpula que no le importa ser gordos sino la buena vida.

La solución de la desigualdad en la humanidad, es hacer como nuestros antepasados de la época de las cavernas y expulsar a palos y tomatazos al “Homo-Socialistus” de posiciones de poder que limitan el libre albedrío que Dios nos dió.



BETTY: STOP AND LISTEN – Made in America

Nicely done.  Just as good the second time around.

At Less Than Four Minutes in Running Time This Video Is Worth The
Effort,  Time, and Knowledge That It Provides.  Hope you will give
it a viewing.  It happens that not only is it a great video, it is also
one that is good for  America  and you and  me.


GEORGINA LOPEZ: Espectacular Foto Panorámica

 de La Habana


Espectacular foto panorámica de La Habana, desde el Muelle de San

Francisco al Castillo de La Punta y parte del Malecón (incluyendo al

FOCSA y al Hotel Nacional):Se pueden apreciar la condicion de los edificios  ya  abandonados y al caerse. Gracias a la Revolucion

       CLICK HERE:


Clic en la foto para ampliarla. Y despues en Clic en el lugar de la ciudad que quieres ver ampliado,.la puedes mover a la derecha o izquierda. Es panoramica.


JORGE A VILLALON: The best is the last!, but they are all very true. WELCOME TO2014
• Our Phones – Wireless
•  Cooking – Fireless
• Cars – Keyless
• Food – Fatless
• Tires –  Tubeless
• Dress – Sleeveless
• Youth – Jobless
• Leaders –  Shameless
• Relationships – Meaningless
• Attitudes – Careless
•  Babies – Fatherless
• Feelings – Heartless
• Education – Valueless
•  Children – Mannerless
• Country – Godless

• We are –  Speechless
• Congress is –  CLUELESS
• And our President is –  WORTHLESS!



POR LOS AMERICANOS. Mas Pruebas contra


Envié una serie de Pruebas sobre como los Norte Americanos Avisaron A Castro

De La Invasión Y como la enviaron a Un Lugar Donde No Podían Ganar y Su


Pero no quise incluir la que les envió… Pues aunque es unERROR GARRAFAL

Los agentes de la CIA… podían decir Que NO ERA CONSIDERADO ESENCIAL 

Háganse la idea que son GENERALES encargados de planear la invasión y

Piensen Si Ustedes Tomarían Esa Decisión O NO…

Aquí tienen esta otra prueba de la traición…


Por Ultimo Otra Lógica Prueba De La

Planificada Traición En Washington

Frente Por Frente a Bahía De Cochinos… a solo 15 millas se encuentra 

“CAYO LARGO” hoy un CENTRO TURÍSTICO con varios hoteles y una

aeropuerto internacional… pero en 1961 era un cayo donde existía

un puesto NAVAL con capacidad para 8 marineros… que era usado

por la marina como lugar de CASTIGO pues nada se podía hacer fuera

de bañarse, coger sol, pescar y oír radio… un mes allí… sin ver a nadie

era peor que una cárcel…


Pero ese puesto TENIA una pista de aterrizaje que fue CONSTRUIDA EN

1942 POR LOS NORTE AMERICANOS para vigilar posibles submarinos

alemanes… La primera pregunta que hay que hacerles es:

¿Cómo fue posible que los Generales Norte Americanos

ignoraran el aeropuerto que ellos mismo habían



No hace falta ser un graduado de West Point, para saber que cualquier 

INTENTO SERIÓ de establecer una cabeza de playa en Bahía De Cochinos debía

de haber contado con un GRUPO DE 10 O 12 INVASORES que atacaran y

consolidaran ese aeropuerto… como pista de emergencia en caso de la averías

creada lo mismo por ataques o por problemas mecánicos de los aviones de los

invasores… especialmente cuando la base de operaciones en NICARAGUA se

encontraba a 2 horas y más de vuelo…

No hubiera sido difícil bajar una lancha rápida de cualquiera de los barcos

de los invasores y poner 10 o 12 hombres a bordo y enviarlos a tomar Cayo

Largo… Pero los “Generales” norte americanos TAMPOCO PENSARON EN ESO…

Podemos decir; que los DOS PILOTOS cuyos aviones se precipitaron a tierra

en Nicaragua después de volar averiados más de 2 horas… sus pilotos murieron…

por la NEGLIGENCIA DE LOS GENERALES que planearon la invasión…

se hubieran salvado… si Cayo Largo hubiera estado en manos de

los invasores como aeropuerto de emergencias… 

Aquí les paso un mapa donde se puede apreciar que Cayo Largo esta frente

a Bahía De Cochinos a 15 millas y menos de 3 minutos de vuelo…

No Hay Escusas… Fuimos Traicionados



“something to think about”  

The Food Stamp Program, administered by the U.S.

Department of Agriculture, is proud to be distributing

 this year the greatest amount of free Meals and Food

 Stamps ever, to 46 million people.


Meanwhile, the National Park Service, administered by

 the U.S. Department of the Interior, asks us “Please

 Do Not Feed the Animals.” Their stated reason for

the policy is because “The animals will grow dependent

on handouts and will not learn to take care of



This ends today’s lesson in irony.



Rand Paul – GOP Superhero?

By Onan CocaOur good friend Jason Mattera has put togetherthis great video of the new Captain America, Rand Paul (R-KY). Senator Paul has been a consistent defender of the Constitution and of our liberty. Some in the GOP may disagree with his more-libertarian positions on foreign policy, but on domestic issues he has been a consistent leader of the conservative and libertarian wings of our party. Senator Paul is preparing himself for a run at the White House in 2016. Can he bring the GOP together and defeat the Democrats?

America’s favorite ophthalmologist, Rand Paul, has been standing up to government abuse at the NSA, the IRS, the Department of Justice, and more. Now, he has a true superhero identity!

Rand Paul has stood against the hypocritical use of the Department of Justice by its leader Eric Holder.

Rand Paul has spoken out against the disgusting abuses by the IRS against conservative activists.

Rand Paul has led the charge against the NSA’s spying on American citizens under the pretense of protecting us – when in reality it is all about government accumulation of power.

Rand Paul has stood against the overreaching power of the federal government to kill American citizens without trial.

The simple fact of the matter is that there are precious few Republicans standing tall against the Obama administration and the onslaught of progressivism. Leaders like Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Trey Gowdy and others are not the norm in the Republican Party. Today’s crop of GOP leaders have names like Boehner, Cantor, McCain, Graham and Christie. These are moderate-liberals who happen to agree with Democrats on a great many things (especially the budget and spending).

We need more leaders like Paul and Cruz, with the gust to take stands even when they’re unpopular.


Airports in Colorado are facing a perplexing challenge.

That is, how to stop passengers from boarding airplanes with marijuana in their possession. 

It’s the offshoot of the state’s decision to legalize marijuana for recreational use, which went into effect on January 1, 2014. 

Despite Colorado’s incredibly liberal stance on marijuana, federal aviation regulations still reign supreme. And it’s illegal to operate a civil aircraft with known marijuana on board. 

Anyone pinched for flying with cannabis faces up to a $2,500 fine or jail time. 

The state’s largest airport, Denver International, has a zero-tolerance pot policy. 

Hence the challenge… 

What’s a passenger with a stash in their pocket supposed to do? 

Dumping the weed in a trash can is a really bad idea. Because that would simply encourage other stoners to dig through the garbage. 

So the answer is “amnesty boxes.” 

Such boxes are a last opportunity to ditch your weed before boarding. 

For me, this storyline was a signal to address the viability of marijuana as an investment. 

So I asked bestselling author, Karim Rahemtulla, to issue a full report. 

As it turns out, although this niche market has profound barriers to entry, Karim found a direct route just north of the border. 

~ Robert Williams, Founder, Wall Street Daily

Before founding Wall Street Daily in the teeth of the Financial Crisis, Robert Williams served as the lead financial analyst for a Forbes top-50 private corporation and an analyst for the endowment of a major academic institution.


The marijuana industry in the United States is picking up steam – with new laws allowing the use of pot for everything from medicine to recreation.

Wall Street has taken note, and marijuana stocks are popping up like buds in a well-run greenhouse.

But not all companies are going to succeed. And the volatility we’re seeing in the industry could be just the beginning.

Here’s why…

Marijuana’s Unstoppable Momentum

Currently, 21 states allow the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes. By 2016, more than 106 million Americans will reside in states where it’s legal for either medicinal or general use.

The market for legal marijuana is expected to top $10 billion by the end of this decade. And states are enjoying a new windfall in tax revenue.

Colorado, for instance, could reap in excess of $100 million in taxes in the first full year of its legalization program.

So marijuana certainly isn’t going away anytime soon…

After all, cold, hard cash and politicians (who love to spend it) are a combination that has yet to be defeated in this – or any other – country.

But what does that mean for you, the investor? Well, there’s a huge opportunity… to lose money!

Look North to Avoid Pitfalls in the Industry

Marijuana growers face a huge barrier to success in the United States…

That is, the disparity of laws that govern their crop.

America’s Next “Age of Wealth” Starts Now

America is ushering in a new “Age of Wealth,” and I want you to be a part of it. Looking to make a life-altering fortune and not afraid of a little hard work and American ingenuity? Click here for the full story.

Laws can change from state to state – and even from county to county. There’s no federal law requiring states to offer equal guarantees to either user or seller.

In fact, the federal laws still consider pot to be an illegal substance.

So with the patchwork of laws throughout the country – along with the massive penalties that the Feds could impose if they maintain and enforce the current law on the books – investing in marijuana stocks could end up being a crapshoot.

Hence the volatility in the sector.

So how do you invest in the growing marijuana market while avoiding any potential pitfalls? Easy…

Invest in marijuana stocks in places where the laws are more transparent and uniform. And the best place to start is just north of the border.

The Canadian federal government and provincial governments are aligned in their laws across the country.

As a result, after years of begging for funds, companies in the sector are now turning investors away.

One such company is a pure-play on weed. It’s using Israeli technology to grow marijuana on a farm in British Columbia. And it sports the Royal Bank of Canada as its banker and Deloitte LLP as its auditor. The company is Tweed (TWD.V), the first marijuana company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange’s Venture Exchange.

Bottom line: If you’re looking to diversify your “agricultural and commodity” holdings, it might pay to look to our friends in Canada for a straightforward entry into the sector. Risking too much locally may cause your investment dollars to go up in smoke one day.
Ahead of the tape,

Karim Rahemtulla






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